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Patient Engagement Software Technology For Doctors

Patient Engagement Software Makes A Very Good Business Investment For Healthcare Practices.

The Internet has drastically changed consumer and patient behavior, and it is still changing every day.  People today communicate very differently than they did even 10 years ago.  Here’s a great example: A 50 year old father in the Silicon Valley calls his 22 year old daughter on the cell phone to wish her happy birthday on a Friday night from another city, and ends up leaving a voice message. Rather than calling him back, she gets upset and she texts him back, “Daddy why don’t you just text me or Facebook me?  Why do you have to call me all the time?”

Today’s patients want and expect similar communication changes, but the majority of the clinic owners, practice managers, and doctors are still trying to engage patients like it is 1999.

Patient Engagement Software Technology For Doctors

Patient engagement software focused on Outcomes for medical practices can improve efficiency, lower costs, and promote patient loyalty and repeat visitations.  Many studies have shown that improved health outcomes have resulted by providing frequent touch points with patients. This goes beyond patient portals and the ability to provide patient history online.

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Patient Acquisition & Engagement Solutions For Clinics
Marketing your healthcare practice online can be difficult due to quickly changing technology, new trends, and new applications.
Patient engagement technology

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OnRevenue’s Engagement Apps provide you with ready-to-run campaigns for all online mediums, helping you move your clinic to the cutting edge of online communication. OnRevenue’s software has executed hundreds of thousands of campaigns for patient and customer acquisition and engagement. Top medical practices in USA use OnRevenue as their platform of choice for their clinics’ online advertising, marketing, patient communication, and more.

By using OnRevenue’s single vendor solution to run your online patient acquisition and engagement, you’re able to improve your daily patient counts and your communication with patients, while reducing your acquisition costs.  We designed our software to be used by healthcare clinics and practices, and we’ve ensured that our solution is in compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations.  OnRevenue’s healthcare platform runs on secure servers and data-centers based in the USA, and all OnRevenue apps and websites are HIPAA compliant.  Additionally, OnRevenue can provide a Business Associate Agreement (“BAA” ) with your clinic to accompany your service. To learn more, please Contact Us for details.

Boost Your Patient Engagement with OnRevenue’s Healthcare Platform

Without any apparent alternatives, clinics and medical practices often have had to piece together their own solutions from multiple vendors and online strategy consultants.  These patchwork systems are often expensive, unreliable, unstable, and don’t produce the results the clinic needs in order to sustain its growth.  OnRevenue’s customers have been able to replace five to eight different vendors with our platform, drastically reducing their costs while simultaneously improving their patient acquisition and engagement.’s simple-to-use and turnkey GOLD and PLATINUM packages help doctors and clinic owners grow their business easily, so they can focus on treating their patients instead of their online strategies.

Our healthcare solution is used by your industry leaders to help them grow their businesses. They trust OnRevenue to help their best clinics increase their revenue, generate more patients, and improve their communication with patients. Our platform not only provides our customers with the software needed to improve their patient acquisition, but also helps these clinics utilize new strategies to ensure they execute a comprehensive and effective online approach.

Our one-platform solution is generating revenue for customers in many industries and verticals of healthcare. Our customers include some of the most successful businesses. These businesses include anywhere from one location to over hundreds of locations.
Patient Engagement Software